[What makes you emotional?] "Love stories, romantic comedies, things like that. I get so attached and I just bawl at the end. I don’t ever want to be in love though, that just looks like pain. I couldn’t ever be in a romantic role either. I just watch them." -Maisie Williams

"l’m trying to be the most vibrant version of myself. I’m working and really enjoying finding out who I want to be."

Just follow the bloody brick road.

The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?


get to know me meme: 

[1/5] favorite celebrities → karen gillan

We’re in a  m a r a t h o n , and you’ve hit the wall, but we have six more miles to go. 

               L e t ’ s   g e t   t o   s c o o p i n g ,  s h a l l   w e ?

the office meme: [2/3] relationships - jim and pam halpert